Image line Fl-Studio (Fruity loops) fraud customerservice

July 1, 2023 - Reading time: 6 minutes

Hi everyone,

Just recently I have been faced with a rather disappointing customer experience with Image-Line.

I bought FL Studio 7 XXL (Signature Edition) back in 2007 or there abouts, and I have had a Image-Line user account for approximately 13 years with no issues.

However, this changed in Novemeber 2020 when I tried to log in to my account to take advantage of the black friday specials to upgrade my FL Studio from "signature edition" upto the "all plugins bundle".

Login authentication failed, password recovery authentication failed which indicates that my email address did not exist in Image-Lines database.

I tried contacting via email and explained my situation, no reply for 15 business days and counting.
So I decided to try create a user account using the same email address which was successful and confirmed that indeed my email address prior did not exist in Image-Lines data base.

So I tried creating a support ticket on my account explaining my situation. I recieved a fast reply on the same day but unfortunately they were unable to provide any answers or solutions and just directed me to contact for further support.

All I am wanting to know is why did my account disappear without any official explanation ? and how can I re-obtain my account and FL Studio Signature Edition licence ?.

5 business days and counting, still no response from Image-Line yet. It is possible that my issue may get resolved in due time, however 20 business days with no answers is just not very satisfactory.

I just wanted to share my experience and I will update this thread if the issue ever gets resolved, but when you try to be a supporter of this industry and have experiences like this, you really can't be mad at people for using cracked versions.

Anything from poor customer support, to poor product protection schemes, to usb dongles, to over priced products etc.... I try to be a supporter and have probably spent close to 10k - 20k on software, but sometimes its just discouraging to try and be a supporter.

Take care everyone.